The gv-repeat allows for Theme developers to easily create dynamic layouts by allowing controls for repeating items inside the Governor app.


<div gv-repeat></div>

Helper Tags

  • -label

  • -min / -max

  • prepend


Example: index.html

<div class="threecol" -block="Three Column Call out">
    <div class="3-col" gv-repeat -max="3" -label="Column">
        <a gv-link href="@href">
            <h3 gv-text -label="Title"></h3>
            <p gv-wysi -label="Text">
                &quot; @text &quot;
                <span class="author" gv-text -label="Authors Name">-@text</span>

Pro Tips

Adding a -min, or -max allows you to control the number of times an item can be added to your layout. If you don't set a min or max, it can be added an infinite number of times.

Adding -prepend="true" will cause repeater items to be prepended to the repeater instead of appended.

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