The gv-wysi tag enables a wysiwyg control.The wysiwyg control allows end users to input HTML through an easy to use wysiwyg interface. HTML generated by the wysiwig is inserted into the corresponding HTML element.


<div gv-wysi></div>

Governor Expressions

  • @text


    <p gv-wysi -label="Text">
        <span gv-text -label="Fontawesome Icon name" class="fa fa-@text"></span>

Helper Tags

  • -label


Example: index.html

<section -section="hero">
    <div class="hero-text" -block="slide-1">
        <p gv-wysi -label="text"></p>

Pro Tips

Using the gv-wysi allows the user to not only add text, but add style to the text as well. If you want the user to stick to set design use gv-textarea instead.

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