In this guide we take a look at the Governor theme file structure.

The Governor file structure is made up of three main folders. The assets folder, the modules folder, and the templates folder.

First, we take a look at the assets folder.

The assets folder houses all of the external website files. This includes CSS, JS and images. This folder, unlike other folders in the Governor theme setup, can contain any folders, with any naming scheme. Governor automatically crawls the assets folder and hosts all of the files on it's CDN.

The modules folder help support and customize Governor modules. Modules, like plugins in other systems, are bundled pieces of functionality. Modules require specific folder structures that can be found in the documentation for each module.

Lastly, take a look at the templates folder. This folder holds all of the HTML for your website.

The layouts folder contains HTML that make up the static, persistent pieces of the website. This typically includes the header and the footer and are broken into partials within the partials folder.

The pages folder contain templates that control the HTML that is responsible for the pieces of the website that change from page to page. This would be the difference between your home page, and a contact page for example.

Once you have collected your theme files and sorted them into the proper file structure the theme is ready to be zipped and uploaded to Governor.



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