Site Settings

In this section you are able to manage general settings such as Site Name as well as see an overview of you Billing for the site. This will also be the section you come to to manage your domain and launch your website.

General Settings

The Site Settings tab will allow you to manage all of your general site information.

  • Site name - The Site name will appear in the Sites list as well as anywhere the site is listed or mentioned in the app. This is not the URL.

  • Governor Dashboard Background (coming soon) - this option allows you to change the background image which show behind the interface. This will change the background for this site only.

  • Contact Information - Update your contact email address and phone number here.

  • 404 Page - Governor will try to identify a 404 page template automatically by looking for a file named 404.html. If no file is found, you can manually select a template to use as the 404 page.


For info on configuring custom domains please visit:

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