In this section you are able to manage navigational menus in various parts of your Governor site. These Menus will be predetermined in certain places on the site by the Theme Developer and designated with a GovTag.

For example, the Theme Developer will place a GovTag on the main navigation bar of the site, allowing Content Managers to customize the links that will appear in the navigation bar.

There may be several places on the site where you are allowed to manage menus. They will all be listed in the Menus table. To manage a Menu, click on the item in the table.

To add a new item to a menu, click the Add button in the upper right corner. You will see a modal window pop up with several options.


This option allows you to Name the menu item.

You can also select a Parent for this item. This is useful when you’d like this item to be nested in a subnav under a main navigation item.

Finally, you can choose the page you want this item to link to from the dropdown menu.


This option allows you to add a menu item that has no link. This is useful if you want to have a Parent item with no landing page attached to it.

The final option allows you to link a menu item to a URL rather than an existing page on your Governor site. This is useful for linking to a different website. Name the menu item and input the URL you’d like it to link to.

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