Adding A New Site

The first thing you’ll probably want to do after logging in to your Governor account is add a new site. The "Add A New Site" button can be found in the top left position on the Sites page. Click "Add A New Site" to get started.

Add A New Site Screen

Name Your Site

On the Add A New Site screen you will be asked to name your site. This name will appear and be associated with this site on the Sites screen as well as the Site management Dashboard and various other places throughout the Governor app. This site name can be changed later in the Site Settings.

Temporary Web Address

You will also be asked to give a temporary web address for your new site. This address will reside on a subdomain of and can be redirected to a URL of your choosing upon launch of your website.

After you click “Create New Site” you will be presented with a choice. “Choose A Theme” or “Upload Files”

Choose A Theme

If you click on ‘Choose A Theme” you will be presented with different themes to choose from. You can take a closer look by clicking “Theme Details”.


Preview A Theme

Once you find a theme you’d like to use, click the “Select Theme” button. This will launch the theme in the main part of the page. In this view, you can navigate to any page. Some themes have multiple options for pages such as the home page.

Select The Theme

Once you’ve added all the page templates you need for your theme, click the “Finish & Import” button in the top right. This will automatically import all page templates and assets to your new Governor Site. Once the process is finished extracting, you will see all your new pages in the Site Map view of your site.

Upload Files

Clicking on “Upload Files” allows you to upload your own site files to create a Governor site. These files will need to have the proper GovTags applied in order for Governor Content Management to be in place. To learn more about how to apply GovTags and organize your site files, read the Tutorial titled "How to Organize & Upload Your Website Files".

Upload Your .ZIP

When your .zip file is tagged, organized, and ready to go, click the “Upload Your ZIP” button. This will begin the upload, unzip, and extraction process. Once your upload is complete, click the button to continue.

Home Page

Governor will attempt to automatically create your homepage by default by looking for index.html, home.html, or homepage.html. You’ll see this page on your Site Map view.

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