The Governor Dashboard gives you full access to control all of your websites, personnel, and clients. From here you can see all of your websites, what Modules are being used on them, and what people are involved. Basically, if you were Captain James T. Kirk, the Governor Dashboard would be the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

To navigate around the Governor Dashboard you can use the navigation buttons along the left side of your screen. Those buttons are Overview, Site Map, Modules, Files, and Settings. We’ll go over what each of those does later in the manual.


The Pages view is a table view of all of your site’s pages, nested into the navigation of your site. In other words, if you have a main navigation item called “About” and a subpage under that item called “Team”, the “Team” page would be nested inside the “About” folder in your Site Map.

Viewing Nested Pages in Your Sitemap

To view nested pages, click on the arrow next to the folder icon. Use the breadcrumbs or “back” arrow in the upper left to navigate to the previous folder. Pages can be moved within each folder by simply clicking and dragging to a new location.

Edit Page Content

The Action button on the right side of each page row contains three options: Edit, Preview, and Delete. The Edit button will open up the Content Management view of that page. In this view, you can add, edit, or delete content from that page.


The Preview button will open up the front end view of the web page, as it would be seen by a website visitor.


If you’d like to delete a page, click the red “delete” button. This will remove the page from your site. Your underlying Page Template will still be available, but this instance of the page and all of its content will be removed.

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