Managing Your Account

Look in the top right corner of your Governor page. See those three horizontal lines? Click that. Shazam! Your Governor comes with a secret compartment where your account-y type things live. Maybe there’s an invisible treasure map in there too?

Account Info

From the hidden nav on the right side, click “Account Settings”. This will open up the Account Settings menu which has three options: Account Info, Payment Info, and Price Breakdown. By default, you land on the Account Info page.

Profile Info

You can change your first and last name, the email address for the account, and your time zone.


You can change your password by click on the "Password" tab in the left menu bar and typing in the current password, then typing in your desired new password. You’ll be asked to confirm the password by typing it in again, just to make sure you didn’t type it in wrong the first time. If you can’t remember your password, click the Reset Password link and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to reset it.

Payment Info

This page contains all of your payment info as well as details on how much your monthly totals are, how many sites and modules you have, and how much total storage you have.

Payment Method

Here, you can manage the credit card on file for your account. This credit card will be billed one time each month for your total monthly costs shown in the top section on this page. Any new sites or additional subscriptions you sign up for during the course of the month will be pro-rated and added to your monthly bill.


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