Governor user accounts can be secured via two-factor authentication. Governor uses a one time password two-factor authentication method that can be set up and configured on your smart phone or tablet using the google authenticator app

Steps to enable 2FA.

Enabling 2FA

If 2fa is not currently enabled on your account, please contact support to request

Downloading OTP App

To enable 2FA, a one time password app such as google authenticator is required. Google authenticator can be downloaded for Android/iOS at the following links.

Google Authenticator for android
Google Authenticator for iOS

Configuring 2FA

Once 2FA is enabled on your Governor account, you will receive a link with an invite to enroll. You can also simply log into your account and will be prompted to configure 2FA during your next sign in.

Scanning the code

After following the invite link or signing in to your account you will be prompted with a QR code. Open your google authenticator app and tap on the "+" icon and selection "Scan a QR code"

Use your phones scanner to scan the QR code shown on screen. Once scanned, an account will be added into your authenticator app displaying your login as well as a 6 digit code and timer.

Enter The Code

Next, enter the code shown in your app into the "Enter your one-time code" input on the screen, be sure to exclude any spaces shown and only enter numbers. The code must be submitted before the timer expires and the code changes. The number will turn red shortly before it expires.

Save Recovery Code

Finally you will be taken to the recovery code screen. This code is used to access your account in the event that your 2FA device is lost. Keep this code somewhere safe as it can be used to access your account. Check the checkbox that you have safely recorded the code and continue. You will now be logged in and enrolled in 2FA.

Logging in with 2FA enabled

To log in with 2FA. Begin by entering your username and password as you normally would. During the login, you will be prompted to Verify your identity with a one-time code.

Open your google authenticator app and enter the code shown for your Governor account. Remember, This code expires every 30 seconds and will turn red 10 seconds before it expires. If the code expires before you submit the code 2FA authentication will fail and the new code will need to be entered and submitted.

2FA Issues / Lost Devices
If you have 2FA enabled on your account and are enable to log in, please contact support for assistance.

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