Before you begin

In order to enable a governor form. You must select a template that contains a governor powered contact form. For more information on templating and how to use the gv-form tag please see the gv-form article in our developer docs.

Once a template containing a form is selected, the page edit screen will show its corresponding control

To configure your form, begin by choosing Add Form Config from the Form Control

Next give your form configuration a name.

Add emails for as many recipients as you would like for the form.

Choose a subject for responses to your form.

Note: form subjects support using dynamic data from form values. To use the value of a form field in your subject, simply surround the name of the formfield in double curly brackets.

Next select your preferred email format

And finally choose weather or not to require a recaptcha.

Note: If this option is enabled your sites recaptcha key must be configured, and your form must contain a recaptcha widget

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